Parkway Financial Strategies, LLC

Revenue  •  Opportunity  •  Security

Bill Lloyd CFP ® & John Tattersall CFP ®

Partners, with almost 50 years’ experience, dedicated to helping business & individual clients enhance revenue by doing more with what they are already earning. By helping to reduce spent money without benefit, insurance, and taxes; funds are uncovered to help make this happen. Once recovered, these ‘found resources’ are redirected to help build wealth, opportunity, and seek security for our clients.

Unique 3 Phase Revenue Enhancement Process

Optimize Revenue

This unique, 3 step process utilizes a systematic approach to uncovering lost revenue, and redirecting it to the benefit of our clients. Our process includes a Benefit Optimization Program, Commercial Insurance Audit, & Tax Strategy Feasibility Study. By utilizing all three methodologies, resources are discovered which may then be used to create wealth building opportunities.

Seeking Security

The future is always uncertain, and can be traumatic if not planned for properly. No one wants to start over. PFS will work with you to implement the insurance, structures, and strategies to help manage risk, with emphasis on cost containment.

Building Opportunity

Cash is King. Building wealth in a steady, diversified, and systematic way can be the key ingredient to Opportunity. Having the ‘cash’ in hand to seize good fortune when it comes your way makes all the difference. Our goal is to assist our clients by not only helping design the strategies to accomplish this, but serve as ‘financial stewards,’ monitoring performance year after year, guiding these plans to their successful fruition.

We look forward to speaking with you to see how we may be of service.

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